U1-PAN Edition of 150

3,989.00 ₪


מידע נוסף

The Modello Uno ref.U1-PAN is a tribute to the Paracadutisti, the Italian army’s infantry corps paratroopers. The paratroopers’ badge is represented on the dial at six o’clock, reproducing two stylized wings surmounted by a parachute and in their centre the five-pointed star that stands for the values of the Esercito. The reference features the new orienteering bezel allows the watch to be used as a compass, and the tough built makes it suitable to any condition.


  • Paracadutisti logo on the dial
  • Features for the first time a compass bezel
  • New camouflage jacquard NATO strap, each strap is weaved in a unique pattern
Color: NC
Size: OS

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